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Doddle Parent

We’ve recently decided to launch Doddle Parent, an online platform where you can easily view up-to-date assessment information for your child.

With Doddle Parent, you can:


To get the most out of using Doddle Parent, you can view our resources and guides below which summarise the key features of Doddle Parent, and includes the details below about creating your account and linking to your child.


How to get started:

Doddle Parent is accessible from any computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet – any device with an internet connection – there is no app to download or fee to join.

You will need to create a parent account on Doddle to access your child’s progress. To do this, please use the following link and use your email address to create and register your account. You will be prompted to link to your child using the 16 digit key below which you will have received in a letter from the school.


We are releasing Doddle parent in stages, so you may not get a letter and code straight away. The key release dates are:


Year 7 - Friday 27th January

Year 8 - Friday 3rd February

Years 9 & 10 - Friday 10th February


For support, please view our resources below or view the Doddle Parent Support Page.


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Doddle Parent Presentation