Bedminster Down School

Year 11 Mock Exam Results

Dear all

We had intended to release Year 11 Mock Exam results on Monday 16th January. This year, for the first time, students will complete the new GCSE exams in English and Maths. You will be aware that for the first time, students will receive grades on the new 9-1 scale rather than the A*-G scale. Grade boundaries nationally are set by collecting the results from every student taking an exam and assigning a certain percentage of the population to each grade. With no historical information to go on, to help schools calculate mock exam grades this year, the examination boards have been collecting mock exam results from many schools and using these to calculate grade boundaries, much like they would after the real exams in the summer.

Unfortunately, due an error with the exam board’s systems, all schools have been unable to access the information they need to accurately assign grades to their students in English and Maths mocks. We do not believe that it serves our students best interests to release incomplete mock results or inaccurate predictions in English or Maths and so we have decided to postpone the release date. We have been assured that this error will soon be fixed and we will release mock exam results as soon as this happens.

We apologise for the delay and for any undue anxiety that this may cause.

Mr M Eagon