Bedminster Down School

Year 10 BTEC Trip to the Tobacco Factory

On Wednesday 9th November 11 of our year 10 BTEC Performing Arts students took part in a ‘Behind the Scenes’ workshop at the Tobacco Factory. During the day the students learnt about how cues work for both sound and lighting crew and onstage actors, what it takes to put a group performance together, practitioner and improvisation. They also found out what it takes to go freelance and what they need to consider when going on tour and how to be a leader (including how to interact with others).

 Our students were some of the youngest in the workshop, often working with year 12 and 13s, and were pushed to the edge of their comfort zone many times. However, it was a really positive experience for all involved.


I enjoyed having the experience of setting up basic sound and lighting

– Sam Rowles


It was great to be able to work with other people who are studying Performing Arts at college level

– Phoebe Thyer