Bedminster Down School

Visit From SCOPE Role Models

On Thursday 15th June we had the pleasure of hosting visitors from SCOPE. As well as the Presenter Lauren who delivered sessions to a number of Year 8 & Year 10 classes we were also joined by two SCOPE Role Models. The first Role Model, Jennie, has cerebral palsy & uses a wheelchair. She works for EDF Energy & a Social Action Charity working with young disabled children.  The second Role Model was 21yr old University of Swansea Psychology graduate called Cerys who is registered blind & travelled to the school from her home in Swansea to present to the pupils & answer their questions.

Our reason for inviting SCOPE into the school was that two thirds of the population say they feel awkward around disability, and some people feel so awkward that they’re avoiding disabled people all together.  Considering that disabled people make up about 1 in 5 of the British population, that’s a lot of

Visit from SCOPE Role Models

time feeling pretty uncomfortable. SCOPE believe you can’t end the awkward if you’re avoiding people to start with & therefore have started the ‘End the Awkward’ Campaign.

End the Awkward is aimed at helping people feel more comfortable around disability. Research shows that younger people are more likely to have negative attitudes towards disabled people therefore the campaign uses humour to get them thinking differently about disability.

End the Awkward is light-hearted, but the campaign touches on a serious issue. Attitudes towards disabled people are better than 20 years ago, and last year the End the Awkward campaign made some impact, but there is still have a long way to go.