Bedminster Down School

Tennis takes off at Bedminster Down School thanks to new grant

Tennis is getting off to a gr

eat start this season with new grants and support from the Tennis Foundation for Bedminster Down School, Bristol.


Today (Monday 13th March) they announced that they are one of only 40 new schools nationally to be enrolled in the foundation’s School of Tennis programme to boost facilities and training for teachers.


BDS gets Tennis grant!

With a £5000 grant the school are now able to purchase new racquets and balls, create eight new mini courts, construct a practice wall, provide teacher training, book a specialist coach and train older students to become ‘tennis ambassadors’ for the school.


Bedminster Down School were welcomed onto the programme with a national training day at Loughborough University that brought together PE staff and Senior Leadership Team staff from the schools to enjoy a busy day of learning and on court activity to equip them with the skills and knowledge to implement the School of Tennis programme in their secondary school.

Bedminster Down Head of Sport Dave Chaplin said:

“We are delighted to have been successful with this bid, as we are extremely keen to develop tennis in the school. Interest in tennis has dropped here in recent years, and with this new funding we will be able to reverse this trend by providing new equipment, clubs, coaching, competitions and teacher training, as well as developing our own group of pupil ‘Tennis Ambassadors’ who will be trained to help run all the new clubs.”

The programme, run by Britain’s leading tennis charity the Tennis Foundation, aims to radically change the way tennis is delivered in secondary schools to make it more relevant and engaging for teenagers. There is a sharp dip in tennis participation as young people reach their mid-teens and many don’t realise the many varieties of tennis available away from the traditional game. The School of Tennis programme aims to reverse this decline by giving secondary schools the support and funding needed so they can deliver tennis in the form and way that best suits their school and their pupils.

94% of stakeholders stated that they have witnessed personal development in those taking part in the programme, whilst 90% believe the programme has increased the confidence and competence of both participants and ambassadors highlighting the positive impact that tennis can have both on and off court.  

Each school is eligible to receive up to £5,000 worth of support in the first year of the programme with further funding available in Years 2 and 3 based on an annual progress review.

Christine Sprowell, Schools Manager at the Tennis Foundation said: “We are delighted to welcome 40 new schools onto the School of Tennis Programme. As shown from our pilot programme last year the Programme has had a really positive effect on the pupil’s engagement and confidence as well as how tennis is delivered in schools. As part of our wider Education Strategy we want more students to enjoy the physical, social and mental benefits of playing tennis and our School of Tennis Programme is proven to be doing that.”