Bedminster Down School

Tenner Challenge & Macmillan Cancer Support

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Year 10 Girls As part of PSHE lessons this year, the whole of year 10 were set the ‘Tenner Challenge’ task. This meant that they received £10 to use their entrepreneurial skills to make as much money as they. Pupils were then allowed to do what they want with any money they made….as long as they returned the £10 to Mr Chaplin. Alex Lecki, Isobel Anderson and Kali Ellis raised a staggering £600 by holding a non-uniform event that was permitted by the head teacher Mr Schlick. However, the 3 year 10 pupils had to present several assemblies to different houses before holding the event. The assemblies detailed the fact that they had decided to donate any money they raised to Macmillan Cancer Support.

Following the event, the girls visited the special Well Being Centre situated at Southmead hospital to find out about the invaluable and immeasurable work that their donation will go towards.

An amazing achievement Alex, Izzy and Kali.