Bedminster Down School

Multi Academy Trust Status


26 April 2017


Dear Parents/Carers

You will be aware that in 2012, Bedminster Down became an Academy. Since then a number of Academies have joined together to form Multi Academy Trusts (MATs).  MATs are comprised of Academies that work together to improve all those within the Trust and provide greater opportunities for pupils and staff. 

This letter is to inform you that our Governing Body have unanimously decided to explore joining the Wellsway Multi Academy Trust (WMAT). 

In order to reach this decision, the governing body reviewed a number of Multi Academy Trusts. WMAT was considered to be the best option.  Some of the advantages of joining Wellsway MAT are:  

* We would form a South Bristol ‘Hub’ for the MAT along with Cheddar Grove Primary and Wansdyke Primary Schools.

* Our schools share a vision of a comprehensive, inclusive education for all children in our area.

* With access to excellent Post 16 opportunities, the chance to play an active role in the development of the same children from age 4 to 18.

* The ability to share a wide range of staff expertise and facilities by pooling knowledge and resources. 

* The increased ability to attract and retain the very best staff.

* A shared commitment to continued collaboration with the local authority and with other schools.


Both Stephen Weeks, our new Chair of Governors, and I are pleased that the Governing Body has given this matter so much consideration and acted so decisively to move the school forwards. We feel this move provides some exciting opportunities for our children long into the future and a more secure financial position, allowing the school to develop and offer the best educational, social and pastoral environment for the children. 

Our current position is: 

* We will be registering our interest in joining WMAT with the Department for Education and will be starting further talks with WMAT. 

* We would aim to join WMAT from November 1st 2017, following the consultation period. 

Please do read the accompanying Frequently Asked Questions document and we invite you to comment or raise any further questions you have with the Governors, via the Clerk, Sue Walker, either in writing or via her school email address  We will also be offering a meeting for parents on May 3rd 6-7pm at Bedminster Down Secondary School, when you may ask questions of governors and leaders from our schools as well as from WMAT.

The deadline for any questions is Friday 26th May 2017. 

We shall keep you fully informed of further developments and on the progress of this consultation period. 


Yours faithfully 


Gary Schlick                                           Stephen Weeks

Head Teacher                                         Chair of Governors


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