Bedminster Down School

Lego Robots competition

On Monday the 26th June, two teams, one from Bedminster Down and one from Abbeywood Community spent the afternoon in competition to see who had the finest Lego Robots.

The Bedminster Down team consisted of Amy Pragnell, Ella-May Hill, Gabriella Hill, Dominik Imanski, Ben Bidgood-Gittings, Ben Jennings, Ben Gryniewicz and Calum Gabica (who helped to build the robot all this year but could not attend the event)

There were 4 rounds to the competition, which would see who in Bristol had the finest Lego robots.  There were three expert judges; David Milford, Robert Bates and John Banks from the world of engineering, IT and the MOD, to score the teams and make any final decisions. The first round was a simulation of space exploration, the robots had to perform a number of ‘Space Challenges’ – the first round was won by Bedminster Down school.  The second round was won by the more experienced Abbeywood team, describing the concept behind their robot designs.  The third round was a head to head battle to destruction in the style of Robot wars, with the Bedminster Down winning all three rounds.  The final round was a speed race around a tricky course, both teams modified and slimmed down their robots for the race, which was eventually won by  Abbeywood.  It was a close call for the overall winner, but Bedminster Down took the win overall and all agreed what a brilliant competition Dr Sanderson had organised – we hope to organise more local Lego robot bouts in the future.

Many thanks to Dr Sanderson and Mr Maloney for organising the event and the supporting the pupils every Thursday to design, build and programme the robots.

As Head of Science I was very proud to see Bedminster Down students working closely with their science teachers -  doing brilliantly at another Science project.

(more news soon about the ‘Physics is Tricky competition’ who will win the £50?)


Mr Banks – Head of Science