Bedminster Down School

Dad thanks Bedminster Down School for lifesaving lessons

Every pupil at Bedminster Down School, Bristol gains the ability to save a life – a skill that did prove life-saving for dad Stephen Downs.


lifesaving1Since 2012 every student in year 11 at Bedminster Down School has been taught Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and how to deal with bleeding and choking casualties.  Now students in Y8 are also having lessons in first aid.


One month ago year nine student Mia Downs, recognised that the chest pains experienced by her dad Stephen should be taken seriously and insist


ed that he went to the hospital by ambulance.  Thanks to her quick actions he was quickly diagnosed as experiencing a heart attack and is now recovering.  She is not the first student to have helped a family member with first aid in an emergency.


Bedminster Down Headteacher Gary Schlick said:

“At Bedminster Down, we believe that practical life skills, as well as academic and vocational qualifications, are part of a rounded education.  Our students show a lot of interest in the first aid courses, which includes assessing a casualty and how to pass the right information to the emergency services.


“In Mia’s case her quick actions learnt at school, potentially saved the life of her father.   We’re very grateful that he can come into school and share his story with our students.”lifesaving2

Mia Downs, aged 14 said:

“As soon as my dad was complaining of a tightness in the chest as well as feeling sick I knew I had to do something straightaway.  I stayed on the phone with the ambulance dispatch and did everything they asked. It was a shock to us all and I’m glad that he was able to be treated so quickly in hospital.”