Bedminster Down School

Conductive Music Workshop

Over the space of four days at the end of this term, 14 selected year 7s have taken part in a Conductive Music workshop. This has seen the students learn new software which they used to create their own backing tracks to accompany a new instrument that they made themselves. The first half of the workshop saw them create their instruments using cardboard and conductive materials (such as tin foil and metal spoons) whereas the second half they used felt and metal pins to create a second instrument.

This workshop enabled the students to see music in a new light. Most of them had only played traditional instruments (piano, guitar) and had never looked at composing their own pieces using music technology. The progress made in these four days was fantastic with the coordinators saying what a lovely bunch they were and how their enthusiasm and approach to the task was great to see.

The students really enjoyed the workshop too, expressing themselves with comments such as: ‘that was awesome!’ and ‘I never knew I could do that!’ were heard.