Bedminster Down School

Cancer Research: Dress Down Day

On Friday 7th April we are holding a fundraising day to support Cancer Research UK as this is a charity identified through student voice.  As well as fund-raising activities we will be holding a “dress-down day” which will require your child bringing in a minimum donation of a pound to be able to participate.

To give the event an extra flavour it would be fantastic if your child could wear an item of Purple, Blue or Pink clothing to represent the Cancer Research UK colours. 

Please note that whilst this is a dress down day there are some guidelines on issues to do with clothing.


-          a.     Temporary hair colouring is permissible but must be applied at homeno sprays in school

-          b.      House face paints - must be applied at home – no face paints in school

-          c.       Jewellery follows standard school procedure.

-         d.       Clothing should be appropriate for a busy school environment (eg. No crop-tops, high-heels etc.)

-       e.        Students will still be required to remove outdoor jackets whilst inside the school building.

On a personal note, I really hope that this day is as successful as possible and that we raise a significant amount of money as this is the first time students have approached me specifically to raise money for this charity.

Yours sincerely,

Mr B Wills